We have a lot of people ask about pricing-

Why don’t we have a price list? Why can I not get a firm quote before my appointment? Why would my price change?
There are so many factors that go into pricing that it cannot be determined without seeing and working on your dog. Every dog is an unique individual and every dog is indulged in a luxury spa day that is catered to their specific individual needs. Our pricing is based on the amount of time it takes to complete this process.

How Long Does a Groom Take?
Just as our pricing reflects the individuality of our clients, the time it takes to groom also varies between dogs.

These factors determine how long it will take to groom your dog;
1) How Old is Your Dog?
Is it a puppy for its first experience or an older dog who has special health concerns?

2) What Type of Haircut are We Doing?
A short haircut typically takes less time than a long fluffy one.

3) What Condition if Your Dog’s Coat in- Is there any matting (sections of tangled/knotted hair)?
Both removing matting through shaving or brushing it out adds additional time.

4) How Often is Your Dog Groomed?
Dogs that are groomed on a regular basis such as every 8 weeks or less tend to be more familiar with the process and require less time than dogs that only come in once or twice a year.

5) Is Your Dog Overweight?
Dogs that are carrying extra pounds, especially larger breeds are not likely to stand throughout their appointment. This makes grooming more challenging and takes longer.

6) What Breed is Your Dog?
Typically smaller breeds take less time than larger breeds.

For all of these reasons we can only give you an “idea” of pricing over the phone with the information you provide. If you would like a better estimate and price we can arrange for you to stop by the salon with your dog for an in person price consultation.

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